[Commonality Cards Series] Icebreaker: 52 Guesses

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52 Guesses

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Commonality Cards

Directions: The aim of this game is to turn over all 52 cards in a deck of playing cards without predicting one correctly. Shuffle the deck and make sure you have a webcam focused solely on the deck of cards. Explain that before turning over the first card, the person in the first chat window must announce a number/value of a card. For example, ‘Five.” They must say the word out loud and be clear. The goal is to try to avoid predicting the next card you are about to turn over.

If the announcement coincides with the rank of card revealed, the game is immediately over. So if they announced, ‘Six’ and then turned over the six of diamonds, the game is over. Then the cards are shuffled and the game recommences with the next participant.

If they did not predict the next card, the person in the next chat window gives an answer. The game continues until they either predict a card or you get through the entire deck.

This game is also made harder by the rule that you cannot make the same prediction in consecutive turns. For example, if someone just said ‘Jack’ as their answer, the person in the next chat window could not say ‘Jack.” Also, once it is known that all four of one card value have been played, they may not continuously give this number as an answer.

It’s quite fun to hear the whole group squeal with “Ooohhh’s” and “Aaaaah’s” if they predict a ten card and a nine card is revealed, or with other cards that are close to the predicted number.


*This activity is an adaptation from the Prediction activity in the book, Playing with a Full Deck by Michelle Cummings.

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