#MyStoryIs… Red Ribbon Week Campaign

For Red Ribbon Week, GUIDE is offering a complete project package for anyone to use! The intention of the #MyStoryIs… campaign is to impact Georgia at a capacity that is truly unprecedented. Who better to touch communities with messages of prevention than those living in them? Instead of GUIDE implementing the campaign and asking you to participate, we are providing all the tools necessary for you implement this campaign in your home community. This means that you have the power to make a difference like never before with a wealth of resources from GUIDE at your fingertips.

With your help, we can celebrate Red Ribbon Week all across the state of Georgia by telling others that the best stories are drug free!

If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Michael Davis at michael@guideinc.org.


What's the campaign all about?

Everyone has a story. For Red Ribbon Week, individuals in your group will use one word only to describe their stories. Not only will you share these words with those in your community, but you’ll be asking community members to participate, too. Some may describe their stories as empowering, fearless, successful or even silly. The point? The best stories are drug free. The #MyStoryIs… campaign is designed to encourage Georgia to celebrate stories that don’t involve alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any Youth Action Team, school, organization or other group is encouraged to participate. Individuals may certainly take part in the campaign, but a significant amount of the materials provided were created with use by groups in mind.

How do we implement the campaign?

One of the benefits of this campaign is that it is customizable for your community. You could choose to implement it during the entire month of October and highlight participants during Red Ribbon Week or work behind the scenes to collect words and photos and then launch and implement it all during Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31).

Ideally, your group will choose to utilize its youth members to share their stories and create their words early on to use on posters and other messaging to put out in the community. Once the group’s messages are prepared, what is provided in the Red Ribbon Week Toolkit will aid in campaign implementation. For example, you can use the poster templates to make and print posters, the social media messaging to share your group’s stories online, the video to encourage others to participate and the press release to tell your community what you’re doing.

Your group can certainly do more with the campaign if you have the opportunity. For example, you could host a #MyStoryIs… booth at a local festival or event to encourage community participation, create your own Public Service Announcements, write letters to the editor for local papers or engage schools in encouraging students to participate. The sky is the limit; the toolkit will just help you get started!

What's in the Red Ribbon Week Toolkit?

The Red Ribbon Week Toolkit includes everything you need to successfully implement this campaign in your community. We include resources for guidance in choosing a word to describe your story, photo props, poster templates, sample graphics and messaging to use on social media, a sample press release and more! You can submit a request for a toolkit at the bottom of this page and it will be sent to you via email. The email you receive will contain descriptions of all the materials and how to use them.

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