Tobacco Use Prevention

GUIDE has long been a proponent of reducing tobacco use and creating smoke-free air in Gwinnett County. From leading the efforts to create “Smoke-free Homes” and pass a Smoke-free Air Ordinance in the early 2000s to our work promoting Tobacco Free Babies to advocating for Gwinnett County Parks to become tobacco-free, GUIDE seeks to educate the community on the dangers of vaping, believes in the importance of smoke-free air and encourages those who want to quit. 



If you use tobacco products, including cigarettes and vapes, choosing to quit is a big and important step toward a healthier life. Quitting can be difficult, but you can increase your chances of success with help. It can be easy to become addicted to cigarettes, cigars, vapes, chewing tobacco and other nicotine/tobacco-related products. Tobacco addiction impacts you both mentally and physically. The health benefits of quitting tobacco products begin immediately and impact many bodily systems from your brain to your DNA. For most people, the best way to quit will be a combination of medication, changing personal habits and emotional support.

Many resources exist that may help you become tobacco-free:


Encouraging a Smoke-free Gwinnett

The scientific evidence is clear: there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke causes serious diseases and premature death among nonsmokers. That’s why all workplaces and public places, including restaurants, bars and casinos should be smoke-free. Everyone should have the right to breathe clean air.

When people live and work in spaces that are smoke-free, they can breathe easier knowing that they are not being exposed to the diseases and risks that come with secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke exposure is declining, but more than 20% of nonsmoking adults in the U.S. are still exposed to secondhand smoke. Far too many people – especially children and the elderly – are exposed to secondhand smoke. This puts them at risk for chronic illnesses like heart disease and cancer. Lost productivity caused by diseases that result from secondhand smoke exposure is estimated at $5 billion every year. 

Smoke-free laws help those who want to quit by providing them with public environments free from any pressure or temptation to use tobacco. To support those trying to quit, smoke-free laws should include all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. 

In an increased effort to protect our community’s health, the American Heart Association has started a petition to encourage Gwinnett to join other cities like Atlanta, the City of South Fulton, Savannah and Augusta in adopting a strong smoke-free ordinance. If you are an individual who wants to support the effort, please sign this petition. If you represent a business that wants to support smoke-free efforts, please sign this petition.

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