[Commonality Cards Series] Icebreaker: Card Flip

If you’re a youth development professional, afterschool provider or teacher who needs more ideas for how to take your virtual facilitation to the next level, our team building blog series featuring virtual activities that use our Commonality Cards is made for you! Want more ideas? Check out the other blogs in our series covering Getting to Know You Game and 52 Guesses.

Card Flip

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Commonality Cards

Directions: For this activity, you’ll use just 6 cards – ace through 6 – of any suit in the deck. Participants can have their own decks or the leader can have one, or you can use random.org to draw a card. You can use the provided icebreaker questions in this handout or create your own.

Share the icebreaker questions on the screen and take turns flipping cards and answering the question indicated by the number on our card. For example, if someone turned over the four of spades, they would answer the question “What are four books you have read?”

Take turns and allow all participants a chance to flip a card and answer a question.

*You can easily adapt this activity to be facilitated in person by printing the handout with icebreaker questions or projecting it on a big screen for participants to see. If conducted in person, decide if you will complete the activity as a large group or in small groups or pairs based on your group size and the number of Commonality Cards available.

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