[Commonality Cards Series] Icebreaker: Getting to Know You Game

If you’re a youth development professional, afterschool provider or teacher who needs more ideas for how to take your virtual facilitation to the next level, our team building blog series featuring virtual activities that use our Commonality Cards is made for you! Want more ideas? Check out the other blogs in our series covering Card Flip and 52 Guesses.

Getting to Know You Game

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Commonality Cards

Directions: Start by welcoming everyone, asking them to turn their cameras on (if possible) and explaining that you’ll go around the “room” asking participants to answer a question that is drawn on a Commonality Card – if they have cards, they can draw their own card and read and answer the question. If they don’t, they can ask someone else in the group to draw and ask them or the leader can ask one from the image provided. If no one in your meeting has cards, you can take some photos of cards in your deck and show them the questions by sharing your screen.

Best practice during virtual meetings is to have the person who takes a turn call on someone else to go (using the names on their screen) to prevent awkward silence and lag. The leaders should keep track of who has gone so that they can make sure everyone participates.

*This activity can also be conducted using Caboodle Cards

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