Join the GUIDE YAB: Messages from Our Members

We are pleased to announce that applications are available to join the GUIDE Youth Advisory Board (YAB)! We are looking for hardworking, motivated young people who care about health and wellness and the community to serve during the 2023-2024 school year. All Gwinnett County high school students are invited to apply!

Applications must be submitted by Friday, May 5, 2023. Learn more and apply now!

Our YAB participates in leadership trainings, community events and peer prevention campaigns designed to reduce substance use. Being a part of the YAB offers teens opportunities to connect with peers, grow leadership skills and gain volunteer hours. This is an excellent way to be a part of making a difference in Gwinnett while growing as a leader!

Want to learn about more reasons to apply? Hear from some of our YAB members below:

Hi my name is Que Howard. I attend Paul Duke Stem High School in Gwinnett County. I love YAB/GUIDE because of all the amazing people I was able to meet and work with. Also I like helping with giving insight and advice on how to help our community and help youth stay alive. I like helping people a lot even if it only takes a few minutes or a long time. I love to lend a helping hand. These are the reasons why I LOVE being a part of YAB. – Que Howard, He/Him


Hi! My name is Rebekah Afework and I’m 15. I’m a sophomore at Dacula High School and YAB gave me an experience that many should choose. I chose to be in YAB because I wanted to grow in my knowledge about the society that I live in. There’s much more going around me than I’m capable of knowing but I wish to understand. YAB made me grow as a person and I love the people and the activities we do to understand and later teach others. Many of the opportunities and experiences that I’ve gained are ones that I would’ve never encountered without knowing about YAB, making me love the program even more! – Rebekah Afework, She/Her


I joined Gwinnett Youth Advisory Board to make a difference in my community, advocate for issues that are important to me, develop leadership and communication skills, gain valuable experience in collaborating with others and participating in group decision-making, and network with other young people who are passionate with these similar issues.  


I loved YAB because it was an important place to develop my leadership skills, public speaking, teamwork, and critical thinking. I have also gained valuable experience in advocacy and community engagement, which can help inform more individuals about dire situations around Gwinnett. – Abhi Saji, He/Him


Hi my name is Divya Tiwary and i’m 16 years old! I am currently a sophomore at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology! I joined YAB because the issue our society faces – specifically teens – with depression and mental health struggles and how they turn to drugs as a means to escape is something that should be stopped. There is no better way to do this than have a friend or peer your age telling you that there are better ways to help yourself. I love YAB because the environment is so welcoming and we are all like a family! There is always an understanding between everyone and what unites us is our passion and drive to make a good change in our society 🙂 – Divya Tiwary, She/Her


My name is Clerfania Previlon! I am 16 years old and a sophomore at Dacula High School ! I chose to join YAB because I wanted to find a way to serve my community and make an impact on issues I care about. I love YAB because of all the things I get to try and experience! YAB brought me out of my shell and has grown my love for community service. It also provided me with many opportunities and lessons that I cherish! – Clerfania Previlon, She/Her



Hi! My name is Aleesha and I am currently a junior at the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology. I serve as the president of GUIDE’s Youth Advisory Board and I absolutely love it. YAB has grown into an inclusive and nurturing community of change-makers in which we all have a chance to advocate for ourselves and represent youth in the county. YAB empowers me to strive to continue to bring change in my community and meet motivated and like-minded youth that share the same goal! – Aleesha Bhatti, She/Her


Hello, I’m Li, currently 17 and a junior at North Gwinnett High school. I mainly joined YAB in order to push myself further into my interest of mental health and alcohol usage, especially based on my own personal experiences with relatives. However, with YAB, I’ve also grown to learn more about advocacy as well as ways to try to express myself in new environments— much more than I had expected. I have met so many encouraging and supporting individuals such as Anastasia and Shayan. YAB offers so many opportunities to its members that no other group or organization can. It is truly a unique experience with wonderful people. – Li Lin, She/Her


Hi, my name is Abby Sow! I am 15 and a freshman at Archer High School. I love YAB because of the fulfilling new experiences it gives me and the insight to youth advocacy that I can take and grow with throughout my high school years. It has helped me open up and respect views given by other people. GUIDE has also provided me with many opportunities I wouldn’t have faced had I not joined GUIDE! – Abby Sow, She/Her
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