Team Building Activity: Virtual Edition Series, 2 of 3

As we transition to conducting business and connecting with each other more online, GUIDE is presenting a series of team building activities that can be done virtually. Stay ahead of the game with these fantastic activities sure to engage any group of youth or adults!

If you missed it, be sure to check out our previous post, Team Building Activity: Virtual Edition Series, 1 of 3!

In this second round in our series, we share with you a fun way to get your group feeling creative and laughing!

Work-From-Home Hat Draw

Time Needed: 5-10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Each person should have a writing utensil (bold/dark works best) and something to write on (a paper plate, a piece of cardboard/cardstock or paper)

Directions: Ask participants to place the paper plate on their head. They are allowed to hold onto the plate with one hand if necessary. Give the series of instructions below for the participants to draw on their paper plates without looking.

  • Draw a line for the floor.
  • Draw a desk or table.
  • Draw a computer.
  • Draw kids or pets (or both).
  • Draw a large cup of coffee.
  • *If your group has specific things that make them unique – like a shared logo, or common theme – feel free to add that to the drawing!

After the above steps, let everyone look at their masterpieces. Get ready for some serious laughter! Then, have the participants count up how many points they earned by following this rubric:

  • 2 points if your desk or table touches the floor
  • 2 points if your computer touches the table
  • 1 point for every kid or pet drawn
  • 1 point for every kid or pet that’s touching the floor
  • 3 points if your coffee cup is on the desk or table

Have participants share their point totals in the chatbox and show each other images via video for great laughter and applause!

This activity can be customized for a wide array of groups and themes to fit your needs. For instance, if you serve youth, you can change this activity to be “Homeschooling Hat Draw.” If it were summertime and you wanted to make it seasonally appropriate, you can change this activity to be “On the Beach Hat Draw.” All you have to do is revise the instructions and rubric.


As a reference to flag for a future option, we have a very similar activity that can be conducted in person, Team Building Activity: Holiday Hat Draw.

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