Team Building Activity: Stack Attack

Stack Attack

Objective: Participants will engage in this team building activity to foster healthy competition and lots of fun!

Time Needed: 20 minutes

Group Size: Any, split into two (or more) teams

Materials: 21 plastic cups for each team


Separate your group into two separate teams. The two teams need to be an even number. Place each team in a straight line facing forward. Each team should have 21 plastic cups in front of them.

Now the race begins! The object of the game is for the first team member to build a pyramid using the cups. The first player then moves out of the way and the next team member takes the pyramid down by sliding the cups down into a single stack. This pattern continues until the last player on the team goes. If the pyramid gets knocked down while putting it up or taking it down, the builder must come back and rebuild the pyramid. Once a player’s turn has been completed, they are to stand to the side and cheer on their teammates. The first team that has all of their players complete the activity, wins!

Debrief Questions:

1. What worked for us? What didn’t? How do we know?

2. How did we deal with challenges?

3. How is this activity similar to working with a team on a project?

Have you ever tried this activity with your team, or do you plan to in the future? Let us know how it goes!

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