Team Building Activity: Focus Ring

Start the year off with a fun and engaging team building activity! This activity will encourage participants to focus on goals, identify obstacles and work together to accomplish a task.


Focus Ring

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

Group Size: Any!


  • 1 key ring per 7-10 participants
  • 7-10 pieces of string (approximately 36-48 inches each) per key ring
  • Rope
  • Golf ball
  • 2 paper cups

Activity Preparation:image-2

  • Before starting the activity, make sure that 7-10 strings are tied to a key ring and that they are equal distance apart. If you have more than 10 participants, use as many key rings as needed; just make sure there are no more than 10 strings per key ring.
  • Place the key ring(s) on top of an upside down paper cup. Spread out the strings.
  • Once the ring and strings are placed, set the golf ball on top of the key ring.
  • Place a rope around the perimeter of the stretched out strings.
  • Position another upside down paper cup 4-6 feet away from the rope.  


Using the key ring and strings, carry the golf ball from its origination point to the top of the other paper cup.


  • Each participant only gets to operated one string.
  • Participants must hold onto the end of the string and no other place.
  • Participants may not step inside of the rope.
  • If the ball falls off the key ring, the group must start again.
  • If the paper cup falls over, the group must start again.
  • The group is successful when the ball is balanced on top of the second paper cup.

Debrief Questions:

  1. What was the initial reaction of the group?
  2. What skills did it take to succeed as a group?
  3. What would an outsider identify as the strengths and weaknesses of the group?
  4. What did you learn about yourself during the activity? What did you learn about others?
  5. How does this activity relate to current projects the group is working on?

We’d love to hear from you! If you decide to use this activity with your group, please let us know how it goes!

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