23 Things You Only Understand If You’ve Been to GTI

Georgia Teen Institute 2023 kicks off next week, and great things are in store for everyone who will be in attendance. We’re looking forward to building new connections, stepping outside our comfort zones and making memories that will last a lifetime. If you’ve been to GTI before, you know what we mean. In fact, to celebrate 2023, we’ve come up with 23 things you only understand if you’ve been to GTI. Whether you’re joining us this week or sending positive vibes from afar, check out this list for a walk down memory lane that’s sure to make you smile.

23 Things You Only Understand If You’ve Been to GTI:

  1. The anticipation that builds as you are waiting to see what the GTI staff has in store to kick off the week
  2. Getting uncontrollably, ridiculously excited over… DOOR PRIZES!!!
  3. Spending all day looking forward to fun-filled Evening Activities
  4. Knowing exactly what to do when someone says “Banana Republic Unite!”
  5. Always finding someone helpful in Command Central when you need something
  6. TI… YOU KNOW!
  7. Getting an awesome program t-shirt to match your friends
  8. Always having your binder and name tag with you (except when you’re sleeping or in the shower!)
  9. Becoming a professional Warm Fuzzy maker in a matter of days
  10. Seeing something from your Secret Pal on the Warm Fuzzy Board
  11. Learning a new verse to “Let Me See Your”
  12. The excitement of checking out the TI Store for some swag to take home
  13. Memorizing the Strategic Prevention Framework
  14. Getting the late-night giggles in your dorm room
  15. Falling totally in love with the Oxford College campus
  16. The feelings of positivity, kindness and helpfulness that radiate among our staff and participants
  17. Love for complete strangers from across the state in your Family Group by the end of the week
  18. The struggle of choosing between Free Time activities
  19. Racing for desserts in the Dining Hall
  20. Balancing strange objects, building a tower out of random items like toothpicks and marshmallows or fitting your whole team in a shelter you built… all in the name of team building
  21. The feeling you get when you get to hang with hundreds of people across the state who also choose to be alcohol, tobacco and other drug free
  22. Working with your team to plan an amazing project you can’t wait to take back to your community
  23. Counting down the days until you can apply to be on staff next year at GTI!
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