Team Building Activity: Connection Shields

If you have a group who is coming together for the first time or is introducing new members, this is a great activity to get to know each person’s name and a new fact about them in a fun way. It also helps participants connect with each other by identifying commonalities!

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Group Size: Any (Fun increases with group size!)

Materials: Connection Shield handout, Small stickers (Could also use writing utensils)

Directions: Pass out Connection Shield handouts to each participant in your group. Ask participants to write their name and something they love inside the star – this could be a favorite food, movie, tv show, place, etc. It is helpful for the facilitator to have already filled out an example ahead of time. Hold it up to show the group what you wrote. When everyone has completed their star, ask them to set their sheet in an area that you designate. This could be on the floor or on desks/tables – just make sure that they are spread out (a few feet in between each sheet). Then, give each person a sheet of stickers. 

Ask them each to go stand in front of a shield that is not their own. Ask them to look at what is written in the star and add their sticker to the outer ring which corresponds with how they feel about that item – Love, Like or It’s Not For Me. Make sure to show them an example. After they have all stuck their sticker, instruct them to rotate (make sure you indicate which direction) to the next shield and do the same thing. Continue to instruct them to rotate until each person has visited every shield. Once they have, ask them to find their own shield and return to their seat. Give everyone a minute review their own shield to see how they relate to others in the group. 

Debrief Questions:

  • What surprised you about this activity?
  • Why is it important to know what we have in common with each other? 
  • How can this apply to your life outside of this activity?
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