Team Building Activity: Connection Rope

If you have a group who is coming together for the first time or is introducing new members, this is a great activity to get to know each person’s name and a new fact about them in a fun way. It also helps participants connect with each other by identifying commonalities!

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Group Size: 6 or more (Challenge and fun increases with group size!)

Materials: Connection Rope (a long rope with knots marking it off every few feet – enough knots for each person in the group)

Directions: Ask the group to stand and move to the center of the room. Begin the activity by letting them know that during this activity they will each have an opportunity to share something about themselves. This could be anything from a hobby, an interesting talent, a unique fact or something meaningful or memorable they have done before. Give a few examples for yourself (I love to cook; I have read all the Harry Potter books; I’ve seen all the Marvel movies, etc.). As you talk, spread the rope out so that it is fully extended. It doesn’t have to be in a straight line, just spread out (in other words, it can weave around the room). As you are spreading the rope out, ask the group to notice the knots that are spread out throughout the rope.

Ask for a volunteer to go first and hand them one end of the rope. If no one from the group volunteers, the facilitator should go first. When the person shares their fact (Ex: “I have visited Arizona.” “I only eat cheese pizza.” “Math is my most challenging subject.”), someone in the group who has that in common comes over and picks up the rope at the first knot. If the person’s first statement does not generate a commonality, have them continue to share more statements until one is established. The group will have more in common than they realize, and this should move fairly quickly. If more than one person shares the commonality, only one of them can grab the rope. The other person must wait for another opportunity.

Then the new person shares something about themselves. Again, one person from the group who has that in common grabs the rope at the next knot. The activity continues until the entire group is linked up by the rope. At this point the group can drop the rope and you should pull it back in. Have the group remain standing and form a circle for the debrief questions.

Debrief Questions:

  • What surprised you about this activity?
  • Why is it important to know what we have in common with each other? 
  • How can this apply to your life outside of this activity?
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