Make the Pledge

YOU can help prevent youth substance use!

Parents are the #1 influence in a youth’s decision to avoid alcohol, tobacco products and other drugs.

The good news is that MOST youth choose NOT to engage in substance use, and parents can help continue that trend!

Did you know? Youth are more likely to make healthy choices if you do the following things:

  • Maintain open lines of communication
  • Set clear rules and expectations
  • Supervise all gatherings of youth at your home
  • Ensure youth in your home do not possess or use alcohol, tobacco products or other drugs
  • Discuss risks and consequences of substance use
  • Store securely and monitor inventory of alcohol, tobacco products and medications
  • Dispose of any expired, unused or unwanted medications properly
  • Model responsible behavior when consuming alcohol around youth


Make the Pledge!

If you are able to commit to all of the above actions, join other Georgia parents in completing GUIDE’s Parent Pledge.

Make the pledge today to help support the well-being of youth in our community!

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