Conquering Holiday Stress

Contributed by Live Healthy Gwinnett

The holidays are approaching, and it’s the most wonderful time of year! As they come, they offer their own special stressors that can make us feel even worse. Experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression during the holiday season is common. Here are some helpful tips to help conquer holiday stress:

  • Be realistic: Be mindful of setting unrealistic expectations. Life is not like the movies. Your family event may not go as planned, and that’s okay. If there is something you are hoping to do, let others know so they don’t fall short of your expectations. Avoid over-planning activities to reduce stress.
  • Plan: Last-minute scrambling is sure to induce stress. Make a list of items to be purchased, food to be prepared and anything else that needs to get done. Look over your calendar and block out time to accomplish these tasks. Ask family or friends for help if needed.
  • Be kind to yourself: Holiday gatherings can be anxiety-inducing for socially anxious individuals. If you struggle with this, let close friends and family know. See if there’s a way you can get involved in the event by helping to set up or preparing a dish. Ask a friend to attend the event with you to help you feel more comfortable.
  • Maintain healthy habits: Try your best to maintain healthy habits in your routine over the holiday season. Exercise can reduce stress and help manage anxiety and depression. Avoid excessive alcohol use that can lead to feelings of guilt. Have a healthy snack, such as carrots and hummus, before holiday meals to help prevent overindulging.
  • Treat yourself: The holidays are a time of giving, but don’t forget about yourself. Set boundaries with friends and family to protect your mental health. Make time to be alone. Find an activity to do that brings you joy. Take yourself out on a date.
  • Seek support: Talk about your worries and concerns with friends, family or trusted community members. Getting things out in the open can help you navigate stressful feelings and work towards a solution.

Live Healthy Gwinnett would like to wish you a safe and wonderful holiday season!


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