[Caboodle Cards Series] Icebreaker: Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a youth development professional, afterschool provider, teacher – or any group leader – who needs more ideas for breaking the ice during your virtual or in-person gatherings, our team building blog series featuring icebreaker activities using our Caboodle Cards is made for you! These activities are designed to be quick, fun and flexible. Try them out when you have a group that needs to warm up a little or get to know each other better.

Scavenger Hunt

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Caboodle Cards

Directions: Explain to your group that you’ll pull a Caboodle Card, show and say the letter in the center, and then all participants should go find one, two or three (your call) items that start with that letter. Encourage them to do this as quickly as they can (give them 10, 20, 30 seconds – whatever seems to work with your group and where they have to go!) and allow for a few people to show and tell their items when everyone returns. Do this for as many rounds as time allows!

For example, if you pull out a card with the letter “B” on it, a participant might bring back a bottle, book or backpack.

When conducting this activity either virtually or in person, be mindful of participants’ ability to move around and acquire items. Ask that they consider safety in their environment as they participate.

*This activity can easily be adapted if you don’t have Caboodle Cards! If you are facilitating virtually, you can show letters on your screen by using a tool like Random Letter Generator. If you are facilitating in-person, you can write letters on notecards and choose from the stack randomly.

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