Icebreaker: You, Me, Left, Right

You, Me, Left, Right

Get your group on their feet and having fun with this engaging icebreaker! You, Me, Left, Right is perfect for groups whose members are unfamiliar with one other, as it encourages participants to loosen up and learn each other’s names. See the video below for a complete facilitation of this activity!


Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: 5+

Materials: None

Directions: Begin with the group standing in a circle, and you should be standing in the middle, serving as the first “caller.” Ask participants to introduce themselves to the people directly on their left and right sides.

Explain to the group that the person in the middle will point to someone in the circle and say either “You,” “Me,” “Left” or “Right” and slowly count to five.

  • “You” is the person being pointed at.
  • “Me” is the caller.
  • “Left” is the person to the left of the one being pointed at.
  • “Right” is the person to the right of the one being pointed at.

The person being pointed at must correctly name the person that the caller indicated before the caller silently counts to five. If they succeed, the caller moves onto a different person of their choice. If they do not succeed, that person becomes the caller.

If your group needs an additional challenge, the caller can ask the person they are pointing at to correctly identify two or three people in order. For example, the caller could say “Right, Me.” The person being pointed at must then identify the person to their right as well as the caller in the same amount of time.

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