10 Things Parents Can Do to Prevent Underage Drinking

Parents, have you heard? YOU are the #1 influence in a teen’s decision not to drink!

Preventing underage drinking is possible, and parents have the power to be the reason youth choose to make healthy decisions and not engage in underage drinking.

As a parent, your child is more likely to make healthy choices if YOU do the following ten things to prevent underage drinking:

  1. Eat dinner together regularly.
  2. Be caring and supportive, and surround your child with positive role models.
  3. Encourage your child to engage in healthy extracurricular activities.
  4. Maintain open lines of communication.
  5. Set no-drinking rules and consequences. Be consistent with them.
  6. Help your child learn different ways to say “no” if offered alcohol.
  7. Keep track of the alcohol in your home. Count it and lock it up.
  8. Check in with your teens about their plans and ask about alcohol.
  9. Be up and ready at curfew to talk with your teens about their night.
  10. Set a good example! If you do drink, do so responsibly, and never drive after drinking.

You can make a difference! Learn more about why teens may engage in substance abuse, important warning signs and how to communicate on this important topic here.

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