Caboodle Card Series: A Tool for Effective Team Building, Debriefing and Reflection, Round 4

As we finish up the Caboodle Card Series, let’s take some time to reflect – with a few reflection activities! Whether you are trying to reinforce key information, measure what your team has learned or simply help your group think carefully about their experience, Caboodle Cards can be a great tool for debriefing and reflection. Here are three of our favorite reflection activities to use at your next meeting.

Verbose Poems

Group Size: Any, small groups of 3-5

Time: 15-30 minutes

Additional Materials: Caboodle Cards, pencil and paper

Divide your full group into smaller groups of approximately three to five people. Distribute one card to each participant. Point out the number in the center of the colored shape on the card. Have participants view each other’s cards and identify the card with the highest number. Instruct participants to work together to create a poem that highlights the main points and lessons of the day’s session/meeting. Instruct groups that the poem must have the exact number of words that is specified on the card with the highest number (i.e., if the card has the number 49, the poem must have 49 words). After all the groups have finished, allow them to share the poems with the full group.



Group Size: Any

Time: 15-20 minutes

Additional Materials: Caboodle Cards, flipchart paper and markers

Select a three to five quotes from the set of Caboodle Cards that correlate with the topic or message of your groups meeting, and write them on large newsprint or flipchart paper. Afterward, post them around the room. Ask participants to walk around the room and read the quotes. Instruct participants to select the quote that is most meaningful to him/her, and stand by that quote. Once the full group has divided under the quotes, ask participants to discuss the following questions with their groupmates for approximately five minutes:

  • What does this quote mean to you?
  • Why did you select this quote?
  • How does this quote reflect the topic(s) that we discussed today?

After five minutes, ask groups to share their quote and highlights from the discussion with the full group.


The Key Issue

Group Size: Any

Time: 15-20 minutes

Additional Materials: Caboodle Cards, flipchart paper and markers

Before the activity begins, list five reflection questions related to your session on a large piece of flipchart paper, and post it on the wall. Create a key for the questions by placing one of the five shapes next to each challenge or question: circle, rectangle, square, oval and star. Distribute one card to each participant. Tell participants to problem-solve/reflect on the challenge or question that correlates with the shape in the middle of his/her card. Participants can either work individually or can find other members who share the same shape and work as a group, based on your group size and the required needs of your topic/session.


Thanks for joining us for four rounds of Caboodle Card fun! If you missed any of our past blogs in this series, you can still catch Rounds 1, 2 and 3. The series may be over, but there are still many more Caboodle Card activities for you to discover. Simply visit our shop and order a deck today. With every purchase, you will get access to over 50 different Caboodle Card activities.

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