Icebreaker: Name Travel

Name Travel

Ideal for groups whose members are unfamiliar with one another, Name Travel is the perfect icebreaker activity to get to know each person’s name in a fun way.

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials:  None

Directions: Ask the group to form a circle. Explain that it’s important to know each other’s names. Ask for a volunteer(s) to share why that’s important. Then say, “Because it’s important to learn names, we’re going to do that now! We will start by going around the circle and saying our first names loudly and clearly for everyone to hear.” Ask for a volunteer to start.

Once everyone has introduced themselves, explain that they’re going to go around the circle again saying their first name. This time will be a little different, because each person will also come up with a corresponding motion to do while they say their name. Give an example (i.e., say your name and raise the roof).

Then explain that after someone does his/her motion, the person to their left repeats the first person’s name and motion, then the person to left of the second person does the same until the name has traveled (or rippled) completely around the circle. When it has completely traveled around the circle, the person to the left of the first person says their name and does their motion. Continue until everyone in the group has said their name and shown their motion.

Did your group seem to go through everyone’s names and actions quickly? For an extra challenge, try going through the circle and saying everyone’s names and actions consecutively. View the video clip below to see this completed by some of our staff at Georgia Teen Institute!


Debrief Questions:

  • Why is it important that we learn and use each other’s names?
  • What are some techniques we can use to help us?
  • What can we do if we forget someone’s name?
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