Icebreaker: People to People

People to People

Do you have a group that likes to get active and a little silly? Try People to People to loosen up your group and get a few laughs!

Time Needed:
15 minutes

Group Size: Ideal for large groups (even number)

Materials:  None

Directions: Explain that you want the group to mingle until you shout “People to People.” When this phrase is heard, everyone must find a partner and introduce him or herself. Shortly thereafter, you will call out a position that the pair must assume. This position will be two body parts that must be touching. For example: finger to nose, elbow to shoulder, knee to toe, etc. These should be called out quickly, giving the participants just enough time to do them before moving on to the next one. After you call out 2-3 of these positions, call out “People to People” again, signaling for them to find new partners. Continue to go through these instructions through several partner changes.

Hint: Keep in mind the comfort levels and varying abilities of group members prior to determining body part combinations. Some people may have a difficult time getting into some positions. Also, ensure combinations are appropriate!

Debrief Questions:

  • What did you notice about yourself during this activity?
  • How did you feel when making quick physical contact with your peers without much verbal communication?
  • In what ways did you assume trust when participating in the activity?
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