Team Building Activity: Pringles Can Transporter

Pringles Can Transporter

Sometimes an activity is needed that requires groups to think outside the box (or just the square). If you have a group that would benefit from working together to strategize, set goals and use physical coordination, look no further than Pringles Can Transporter. Designed to enhance communication, teamwork and problem solving skills, this activity will have participants up and moving and motivated to get the job done!

Time Needed: 20-30 minutes

Group Size: Any (Divided into small groups of about 4-8)

Materials: Two Pringles cans, lots of string, ping pong balls, scissors and masking tape

Directions: Create a large square on the floor with the masking tape (approximately 7 x 7 feet). The size of the square can be dependent on number of people in the groups; more people will be able to handle a bigger square. Place one of the Pringles cans in the middle of the square (you should not be able to reach it from outside the square) – this is called the Receptor Tube.

Explain to the group that their goal is to use the Transporter Tube (the other Pringles can) to transport as many Ping Pong balls as they can into the Receptor Tube in 10 minutes (the time they are allotted can vary based on how much time is available) while following these rules:

  • Balls must be moved one at a time, using the Transporter Tube;
  • Once a ball is in the Transporter Tube, no one may touch the tube with their hands;
  • Once a ball is in the Transporter Tube, no one may move from his/her position;
  • Participants must use the string to move the Transporter Tube, but how they do it is up to them;
  • Each person must hold one piece of string connected to the Transporter Tube;
  • At no point can anyone step inside the square (or touch the ground inside the square); and
  • Participants can use only the ball of string and scissors that are provided.

Answer any questions your group may have, and then let them begin. Give them as much time as you can, leaving a few minutes at the end to debrief.

Debrief Questions

  • Was each person of equal importance to be successful?
  • What was the most challenging part of this?
  • How was your teamwork and communication?
  • What could have made your team more successful?


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