Team Building Activity: Hand in Hand

As Alcohol Awareness Month comes to an end, take time to celebrate the ways in which you and your Youth Action Team or staff have been role models in your community related to underage drinking prevention. Use this activity to celebrate successes and determine future goals for role modeling healthy behaviors.

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Construction paper, scissors and markers

Directions: Have participants use a marker to trace one of their hands on a piece of construction paper that is light in color (i.e., a color that they can write on; not black), and carefully cut it out.

Then, give the group 1-2 minutes to think about specific ways, experiences or circumstances when they acted as role models in the past related to the prevention of underage drinking. After 1-2 minutes has passed, ask participants to write down one of their experiences in the middle of their hand cutout.

When they’re done, have participants flip the hand cutout over and take 1-2 minutes to write down ideas for how to be even better role models in the future.

Once everyone has completed this task, have them bring their hand cutout and join you in a circle. Ask for a volunteer to share the experience he/she wrote on the hand cutout, then go around the circle until everyone has had an opportunity to share.

Debrief Questions:
What ideas did you come up with related to how you can be a better role model?

Why is it important to recognize the times we’ve done something well, such as being a good role model?

How will you use what you brainstormed today in future situations?

Hopefully this activity will give you and your group a platform to celebrate the ways in which you’ve role modeled healthy behaviors!

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