Icebreaker: Names in Action

Names in Action

Icebreaker Names in ActionAny time you are working with a new group or adding new members to an existing group, it’s important to spend some time learning everyone’s names and getting to know each other. Try out this fun icebreaker that allows everyone to introduce themselves to the group in a creative way!

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: 20 people or less

Materials: None

Description & Directions: Have each person introduce themselves to the group, one by one, by paring each syllable of their name with a fun motion as they say their name out loud. For example: Crystal has two syllables in her name, so she puts her hands on her hips when she says Crys, and bobs her head with tal. The group responds to each person by repeating the name with the same action(s) to affirm the person and learn the name for themselves. As each new person introduces himself or herself, ask the group to also repeat each previous person’s name and action(s).

We hope you enjoy this icebreaker as much as we do!

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