Icebreaker: The Wind Blows

The Wind Blows

This activity will get your participants laughing, having a great time and learning new things about each other! Try it out after a long planning session, extended instruction or even just after your group has been sitting for a while to get everyone up and moving.

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: At least seven

Materials: Masking tape

Description & Directions: Before the activity, select a space that has enough room for participants to run around, then put down pieces of masking tape in a circle. Put down enough pieces for each participant, minus one. For example, if there are 12 people in your group, then put down 11 pieces of tape.

Have each participant stand on one piece of tape, and ask for one volunteer to start off in the middle. That participant will say, “The wind blows for anyone (insert statement that applies to the participant in the middle),” and then everyone to whom that statement applies leaves their spot and tries to find an unoccupied piece of tape. If the statement does not apply to a participant, he or she will not move.

Participants may not move to a piece of tape right next to them. Since everyone (including the person in the middle) is looking for a new piece of tape, one person will be left without a piece to stand on. This person becomes the one in the middle. It is best to start off with a statement that will get everyone to move. Continue for at least ten rounds.

Example Statements: The Wind Blows for anyone…

  • who brushed their teeth this morning
  • who took the bus to get here
  • who plays basketball
  • who is excited about the holiday break

We hope you enjoy this activity with your group!

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