Team Building Activity: Squirrels in the Tree

Squirrels in the Tree

Team Building Squirrels in the TreeThanksgiving is a great time to recognize all that we’re grateful for, especially important people in our lives, such as our families, friends and coworkers. One way that you can celebrate is by enjoying each other’s company with a team building activity! Here is a simple, fun activity that will get any group you’re with laughing and having fun together.

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

Group Size: 10-12

Materials: None

Description & Directions: Ask for a volunteer to be the “tree,” and have that person sit in the middle of a designated area with his or her eyes closed. Remind them that there is no peeking! Tell the remaining participants, which are the “squirrels,” to position themselves randomly around the tree, at least 10-15 feet away. Team Building Squirrels in the Tree 2When you give the signal, squirrels should try as quietly as possible to sneak up on the tree. Their goal is to be the one squirrel who tags the tree on the shoulder without being caught. The tree’s goal is to stop the squirrels by using a keen sense of hearing to detect movements and point at them to freeze squirrels in their tracks. Once frozen, squirrels can no longer move or make any sounds. The game ends when either a squirrel tags the tree or the tree freezes all of the squirrels. If a squirrel successfully tags the tree, he or she becomes the tree and you begin a new round.

We hope you have a great time engaging in this activity! If you facilitate this with your Youth Action Team, we invite you to also try asking the questions below to allow participants to discuss the importance of awareness, peer pressure and support.

Debrief Questions:

  • How did it feel to be the tree?
  • How can listening save you from “getting into trouble” or mishearing what others say?
  • What things may prey on you? How can you protect yourself from danger?
  • What influences in your life can help guard you from harm?
  • What can you do to sharpen your own senses in order to protect yourself from harm?
  • How can you help protect others?
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