Team Building Activity: Web of Reflection

Web of Reflection

Web of Reflection Team BuildingAs the holidays are approaching once again, there is no time like the present to reflect. Reflection is a step that is often overlooked, forgotten and even left out. It is important to take the time to appreciate learning that has occurred, people we have met and events that have helped to get us where we are now. Here is a simple activity that you can include in team building, training or even at your own dinner table to help encourage reflection and develop your next steps!

Time Needed: 15-20 minutes

Group Size: Under 25 people

Materials: Scissors and yarn or string

Web of Reflection Bracelet Team BuildingDescription & Directions: Using a ball of yarn or string, construct a web of reflection. Standing or sitting in a circle with your group, hang onto the end of the string and toss the ball to someone else in the group. State something you appreciate about that person or something you learned or are taking away from the meeting or training. The receiving person does the same until everyone in the group has become part of the web. The resulting web symbolizes the connectedness of the group, the available support, the trust factor and the hard work that’s been done and is still to come.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the connecting strings, symbolizing that we must all return to our own lives, but that we all remain part of the group and must keep working together to remain connected! If you choose, when you cut the connecting strings, have each person continue holding on, so that they end up with a piece of the web to tie around their wrist as a reminder of their reflection.

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