Live Your Life Naturally High

Youth today have the opportunity to explore new activities and to stay engaged in ways that were never before possible. These opportunities create a multitude of ways for youth to live naturally high. Natural highs are activities or events that a person enjoys and chooses to participate in instead of doing drugs or drinking alcohol. When youth discover and pursue their natural highs, they are more positively engaged, their stress levels are lower and they are able to actively help make communities better.

There are even organizations dedicated to helping youth understand the importance of living naturally high. A non-profit organization that inspires youth to say yes to life, Natural High, exists to motivate young people to discover, amplify and pursue what they love without the use of drugs and alcohol. This organization encourages youth to participate in dialogues about their natural highs with their peers to highlight how much fun life can be while remaining alcohol, tobacco and other drug free. They also invite celebrities to join in the conversation and act as role models by showcasing that true success comes from living a healthy lifestyle.

Often, youth already know what their natural highs are, they just haven’t been asked to identify or participate in them. Helping youth recognize their natural highs is a great conversation starter, a way to foster relationships with the youth you serve and a chance for you, a supportive adult, to encourage youth to try something new. A simple conversation can lead to a young person finding their passion, a new weekly activity or even a future career path.

Why not bring the chance to try something new to each of your meetings and events? This would not only benefit your youth, but may also give you the chance to learn a new skill, too. We asked Youth Action Teams from across the state to identify their natural highs. Check out their 50 natural highs below to start crafting your list of activities!

Natural Highs

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