Icebreaker: Rock Paper Scissors Extreme

Rock Paper Scissors Extreme

RPS_ExtremeThis activity is one that was created and introduced to us by some of our Georgia Teen Institute Youth Staff several years ago and has taken off since then! We love it as an icebreaker, a brain break activity and even just as a quick game to have some fun. It reinforces the importance of cheering on our teammates and peers, can help your group members learn each other’s names and gives your group a purposeful reason to get loud!

Time Needed: 5-15 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: None

Description & Directions: Let your group know that you are going to play rock, paper, scissors (RPS). Make sure everyone knows how to play, and set up the group for success by indicating that they are going to say, “rock, paper, scissors, shoot” and throw out their choice on “shoot.” Demonstrate the symbols they should show for rock, paper and scissors just to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Then explain how you know who wins each time: Rock always beats scissors, scissors always beats paper and paper always beats rock.

RPS_Extreme2Now that they understand how to play, explain that this will be a little bit different than the normal RPS. As usual, each person will find a partner and play RPS until someone wins round one. Then, in our EXTREME game, the person who doesn’t win will move to stand behind the winner and begin chanting his/her name. This pairing will find another pair, with the name chanting happening on both sides, and play RPS. Again, the losing pair will move to stand behind the winner, chanting his/her name, and this group will find another group, name chanting and all. The game continues until there are two players left, with others chanting their names, as they play the final round of RPS to determine the winner.

We hope you love this activity as much as we do!

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