Snellville Police Department Compliance Checks & Appreciation Day

Much is required of police officers to keep our cities and communities safe, and many times their work goes unnoticed. At GUIDE, we depend on the important work of police officers to prevent and reduce retail and social access of alcohol to teens and underage young adults and therefore believe they should be recognized for making our communities healthier and safer.

Snellville PD AppreciationDuring June and July, our partners at the Snellville Police Department conducted two compliance check sweeps, visiting a total of 44 alcohol establishments and retailers in the City of Snellville. Only two alcohol establishments were not in compliance and sold alcohol to an underage decoy. This gives the City of Snellville a compliance rate of 95% for June and July 2015. We appreciate all of the retailers that practiced safe alcohol sales and did NOT sell to an underage decoy!

It is because of the diligent work of the officers at the Snellville Police Department that we are able to ensure laws are being followed and enforced. We thank them for their commitment to conducting compliance checks and keeping us safe!

On August 21, GUIDE sponsored an Appreciation Day event for the Snellville Police Department to recognize their valiant efforts in the City of Snellville over the past year that contribute to underage drinking prevention.

Snellville PD AwardMolly Fraiser, GUIDE’s Program Specialist, came to personally thank the officers and award them a plaque in recognition of their efforts. “It is an honor to have this opportunity and to be able to personally thank all of the officers for their help in the community. I hope that as a community we remember to show our appreciation for all the work that our police officers do on a daily basis. It is important work, and to make a difference, it takes all of us working together.”

We look forward to continuing this partnership with the Snellville Police Department and seeing more positive change because of it.

Next month, we will also be sponsoring appreciation events for the Lilburn Police Department and Gwinnett County Police Department for their efforts in preventing and reducing retail and social access of alcohol to teens and underage young adults. We invite you to follow us on social media for more information about these events!

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