Team Building Activity: Save the Canister

Save the Canister

Canister Team BuildingWe had a great time at Georgia Teen Institute (GTI) 2015, especially when we worked with our Youth Action Teams during Team Meetings and with other youth from across the state in Family Group! At GTI, one way we engage youth is by providing multiple opportunities for them to work together as a team. One activity we used during the program was Save the Canister. This is a fun way to foster communication, problem solving and creative thinking with your group!

Time Needed: 15 minutes

Group Size: Any

Materials: Canister (e.g., a water bottle), tape, string, straws and rubber bands

Description & Directions: Set up a canister in the middle of a 5 x 5 ft. taped off area. Give participants a bag of materials with string, straws and rubber bands. The group’s goal is to retrieve the canister without touching the ground inside of the taped off area.

Canister Team Building 2Give the group two minutes to plan. During this time, they can touch all materials and step inside the taped off area. Once the two minutes are up, participants are no longer allowed inside of the tape. Give them 10 minutes to accomplish the task. Make sure that everyone is participating in some capacity.

After five minutes have passed, stop the group from working. Give them an additional two minutes to discuss what they are doing. Are they close to accomplishing their goal? Do they need to make revisions to the plan? After they re-assess their plan for two minutes, tell them to begin again. Remember, they now only have five minutes left to accomplish the task.

Debrief Questions:

  • What worked?
  • What didn’t?
  • Did anyone emerge as a leader during this activity? How so? What were some of the characteristics he/she demonstrated?
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