Team Building: Minute to Win It Series, Round 3

Are you looking for some easy games to implement with youth or adults? We have three more Minute to Win It games for you this month! Don’t forget, you can also catch up on our first and second posts in this series for even more fun. Minute to Win It games are some of our favorites as you likely have the materials around your house, they are simple to set up and they get group members laughing and engaging in some friendly competition.

Noodling Around

Noodling AroundMaterials: A packet of dry spaghetti noodles, six uncooked penne pasta noodles and one table

Goal: Collect six penne pasta (tube-shaped) noodles on one strand of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth by traveling around a table without using your hands.


  1. Place the six penne pasta noodles around the table.
  2. Have a player begin by standing at the table with their hands behind their back.
  3. When the timer starts, the player can then pick up the spaghetti strand and put it in their mouth.
  4. Then the player can go around the table skewering the penne noodles, one at a time, with the spaghetti.
  5. If the player collects all six penne pasta noodles on the strand of spaghetti and holds it in place for three consecutive seconds or more, all in under one minute, they win!

Penny HosePenny Hose

Materials: One pair of pantyhose, at least two pennies and a table

Goal: Fish two pennies out of a pair of pantyhose, one from the bottom/foot of each leg, having only one hand in each leg of the pantyhose.


  1. Put one penny in each of the pantyhose legs. Lay the pantyhose on a table.
  2. Have the player stand near the table to begin. When the timer starts, the player can then pick up the pair of hose and start rooting for the pennies.
  3. Only one hand can touch each leg of the pantyhose. Therefore, one hand/arm will be working down one leg of the hose, while the other hand/arm will be working the other. The player cannot grab a leg with one hand and use the other hand to wiggle down for the penny. Both hands must be working both pantyhose legs at the same time.
  4. Get both pennies and pull them out of the pantyhose in one minute or less in order to win the game.

Bite MeBite Me

Materials: Five brown paper lunch bags cut to different heights and five tables or other objects that can be used as podiums

Goal: Place the five paper bags onto the five different podiums using only your teeth.


  1. Place the bags, open and standing, in an area somewhat close to each other.
  2. Set up the podiums in various locations with each bag close to a podium.
  3. Designate a starting point for the player near the center of the bags. Have the player stand there with their hands at their side.
  4. When the timer starts, have the player start with the tallest bag, bending to pick it up with their mouth, then placing it on the nearest podium, again using only their mouth.
  5. Have the player continue with the rest of the bags, working from tallest to shortest.
  6. To win, the player must move all five bags to five separate podiums only with their mouth in under one minute.

We hope you enjoyed our series of Minute to Win It games! If you try any of these out, be sure to let us know on social media! Stay tuned for more team building activities in the coming months to utilize with your Youth Action Teams, staff or other groups.

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