Meet the GTI 2015 Staff

Have you ever…

  • Energized a crowd by going bananas?
  • Become excited over pencils?
  • Received something from a secret pal?
  • Worn the same t-shirts as 45 other people for several days?
  • Bonded with a group of strangers from all across the state?
  • Used yarn to make a warm fuzzy?
  • Pulled out Caboodle Cards to lead an impromptu team building activity?
  • Had to wear a nametag and carry a binder everywhere you go?
  • Engaged in natural highs and committed to live a drug-free lifestyle?
  • Led a group in planning a project to impact their community?

Our awesome volunteers do all of those things and so much more as Georgia Teen Institute (GTI) Staff members! Week 1 begins today, and our staff have spent the weekend preparing to work hard, be silly and impact the lives of people all across the state of Georgia. We are truly lucky to have such incredible individuals serving on our Youth Staff, Young Adult Staff, Adult Staff and Leadership Team. Check out the photos below to see the faces of GTI 2015!

2015 GTI Youth Staff

Youth Staff – (Top from left to right: Ahkillah, Gaby, Adam, Patricia, Kendall, Lacey) (Middle from left to right: Nesha, Brittany, Nneka, Rudy, Mikey, Summer, Joseph) (Bottom from left to right: Kelsey, Jeffrey, Chris, Saba, Mikayla)

2015 GTI Young Adult Staff

Young Adult Staff – (From left to right: Quentin, Mia, Michaela, Lea, Adonai)

2015 GTI Adult Staff_2

Adult Staff – (Left to right: Michael, Tony, Trent) Not pictured: Bridgette

2015 GTI Leadership Team

Leadership Team – (Left to right: Sarah, Abby, Ari, Christina, Paula, Mary Kate, Melinda, Molly, Stacy, Vernie, Jessica, Elliott) Not pictured: Mahuli, Mandee, Russ

Our staff travel far and wide to attend GTI; this year’s staff come from 19 Georgia counties! While we have 17 new staff members this year, our Leadership Team alone represents over 150 collective years of GTI staff experience. We are so excited about each and every staff member who has chosen to devote their time to make our program a success. Between the Staff Development Weekends, homework to prepare for the program and both weeks at GTI, each person volunteers at least 200 hours!

From facilitating Team Meetings to running Family Groups to assisting with workshops to doing countless behind-the-scenes jobs, GTI would not be possible without our dedicated staff. We cannot thank them enough for being the reason that GTI changes lives forever. GTI 2015 Staff, you’re making a big difference.

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