Team Building: Minute to Win It Series, Round 2

Welcome back for another installment of Minute to Win It games! If you missed the first post of this series, check out those games here. Below are some additional games that we have enjoyed playing in the past. These games are inexpensive to recreate as you most likely have the necessary materials right in your house! Try one of these out at your next Youth Action Team meeting, staff meeting or just while hanging out with your friends to get people moving and laughing.

Ready Spaghetti

MTWI Blog 2 Photo 1Materials: A packet of dry spaghetti noodles, several empty soda cans and two tables that are similar in height

Goal: The team must move three soda cans from one table to the other and create a small pyramid with the cans, without using their hands.


  1. Have a team of two players stand on either side of one table.
  2. When the timer starts, one player will grab a strand of spaghetti and place it in his/her mouth. After this, players may not use their hands except to get the next piece of spaghetti.
  3. The same player then threads the spaghetti through the tab of one of the soda cans.
  4. The other plays grabs the opposite end of the spaghetti with his/her mouth as it comes through the tab.
  5. The team then works together to carry the can over to the other table.
  6. The can must be placed on the table in the same fashion as it was picked up.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 two more times.
  8. The cans must be stacked on the second table in a small pyramid with two cans on the bottom, and one on top.
  9. Players must create the pyramid so that it’s free-standing for three consecutive seconds and must do all of this in under one minute to win the game.

Paper Dragon

Materials: Several spools of decorative ribbon or streamers

MTWI Blog 2 Photo 2Goal: Take two full-sized spools of ribbon/streamers and wind them completely around your arms by doing your best windmill impression.


  1. Players must be standing with an end piece of ribbon/streamer in each hand and have their arms at their side. The rest of the spools will be on the floor.
  2. When the game begins, the players may start spooling the ribbon around their arms by only moving their arms in a circular motion.
  3. If the ribbon rips, players may pick it up and continue.
  4. To complete the activity, players must completely spool all of the ribbon around their arms within the 60 second time frame.

Speed Eraser

Materials: Several unsharpened pencils; seven plastic drinking cups; a small table, a stool or a roll of masking tape; a long table; and a container to hold the pencils

Goal: Throw pencils so that they land on their eraser ends, bounce and land in a cup.


  1. Determine the distance you want between the “throw line” and where the cups will be located.
  2. MTWI Blog 2 Photo 3Mark the “throw line” with a small table, stool or piece of masking tape and set up the long table parallel to the line based on the distance you determined.
  3. Set up seven cups and the container with the pencils on the long table.
  4. Have players stand at the “throw line,” which will be their starting point.
  5. Players must throw a pencil with only one hand towards the long table.
  6. The pencil must bounce off the table on its eraser end, and then flip into the cup, where it must stay. Players must get one pencil into each of the seven cups in this manner in under a minute to win.

What is your favorite Minute to Win It Activity? Share it with us on any of our social media channels, and you just might see it in the next Minute to Win It installment!

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