Team Building Activity: Toss-A-Name


TAN 1This is a classic icebreaker that will help all of your team members learn names, get to know each other and most importantly, have fun!

Time Needed: 10-15 minutes

Group Size: Any!

Materials: Tossables such as Beanie Babies, soft balls, stuffed animals, etc.

Description & Directions: Have everyone stand in a circle facing inward. As the facilitator, start by calling out a person’s name and then throwing a tossable to him/her. The action continues as that person then calls out someone else’s name and throws the tossable to him/her. Have the group continue calling names and throwing the tossable, making sure everyone receives it at some point. As participants are throwing the tossable, they cannot pass it to the person immediately to their left or right. Have participants throw the tossable to you last so that you can start the next round.

When it gets back to you, ask the group if everyone can remember the sequence. Have the participants take a look around to remember who threw it to them and who they threw it to. Go through the sequence verbally, if necessary, to make sure everyone remembers it.

For the second round, start off with just one tossable. When it reaches the 3rd or 4th person, add in another tossable, and go in the same exact sequence. Add as many tossables as you’d like, making sure there’s just enough time in between tossables to make it challenging. Play for another few minutes.

If you want to throw in another challenge, ask if one person can name everyone in the circle. See how many people can do this, making sure they pronounce all names correctly and loud enough for everyone to hear.

Debrief Questions:TAN 2

  1. What was the difference between the first and the last round?
  2. What happened as more tossables were added?
  3. What did you do as a group to be successful?
  4. How is this activity like the real world? Our Youth Action Team?
  5. What happened when someone dropped the tossable? How does this speak to real life experiences?
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