Youth Professionals Virtual Bootcamp

We are excited to launch Youth Professionals Virtual Bootcamp, a virtual learning experience brought to you by GUIDE, Inc. and Leading to Change!

In this “next normal,” youth development programs are going to look different and will often be executing programming in virtual spaces more than ever before. Join us on Wednesdays in September as we give you tools, techniques, tips and more to increase engagement, build relationships and design high-quality virtual youth programs!


Youth Professionals Virtual Bootcamp Package

  • 5 two-hour Live Virtual Learning sessions led by experts from GUIDE and Leading to Change
  • Resource packets and activity guides for each session
  • An optional 30 minute Technical Assistance and Support call with either GUIDE or Leading to Change Staff
  • A 50% discount for one custom virtual training presentation from either GUIDE or Leading to Change

Priced individually, all of this would cost at least $600, but we are offering this package deal at only $349 per person until August 31!



Wednesday, September 2, 2 – 4 pm EST                 Youth Development Foundations
Wednesday, September 9, 2 – 4 pm EST                 Virtual Facilitation Tactics
Wednesday, September 16, 2 – 4 pm EST               Virtual Tools, Games and More
Wednesday, September 23, 2 – 4 pm EST               Virtual Programming and Design
Wednesday, September 30, 2 – 4 pm EST               Youth Development Capstone


Bootcamp Sessions

Youth Development Foundations

Learn the keys to high-quality youth development programs, the theories and practices that undergird the most effective program and how to build your programming on a strong foundation.

Virtual Facilitation Tactics

Facilitating online isn’t the same as facilitating in person, but with this session, we’ll help you take your dynamic in person skills and translate them to engaging and exciting online facilitation. After this session, no one will call your webinars boring again!

Virtual Tools, Games and More

One of the best ways to liven up online learning experiences is by using tools provided by your virtual platform and web-based games and activities designed for online learning. We will explore the multitude of tools, games and activities available and discuss how to modify some of your favorite in-person activities for the virtual space.

Virtual Programming and Design

Whether you are re-designing programs that started out as in-person offerings or building a new virtual program from the ground up, this session will help you understand the nuances of virtual program development and how to design sessions that foster engagement, enthusiasm and meaningful connection.

Youth Development Capstone

As we wrap up our Bootcamp, this high-energy, fast-moving session will feature YOU – a chance to show off your programming plans, test out your activities with a live audience and get peer-to-peer support and feedback. We’ll also show off a few final tools and tips, answer questions and make sure you are set up for virtual youth programming SUCCESS!


Technical Assistance and Support

Starting in September and lasting through October 31, all Bootcamp participants will have the opportunity to request a 30-minute phone or video call with either GUIDE or Leading to Change. These calls will allow participants to ask questions specific to their programs, get feedback on program design, receive support in using virtual tools or just about anything else a program might need! Through a form provided after the first webinar that will be available until September 17, participants choose which organization they would like to have a call with and provide basic information about what kind of technical assistance or support they need. Following the form submission, a staff member from the chosen organization will follow up within three business days to schedule the call.


Future Training Discount

In each resource packet provided after the webinars, participants will receive information about how to contact either GUIDE or Leading to Change to secure a custom virtual training for staff or program participants at a 50% discount. Participants have access to one training discount that can be used at either organization. Participants will be responsible for reaching out to the organization of their choice by December 31, 2020 and will work directly with GUIDE or Leading to Change staff to design and develop the training requested. Training fees will be determined by the chosen organization.

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