Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week 2021: Drug-Free Looks Like Me!

Save the date! Red Ribbon Week is quickly approaching on October 23-31, 2021! Join GUIDE as we celebrate with this year’s campaign, “Drug-Free Looks Like Me!”


The Campaign

Drug-Free Looks Like Me!

Diversity has always been an important part of our community. In keeping with the national theme for Red Ribbon Week, GUIDE wants our community members to celebrate diversity in prevention and the many ways that being drug-free can look. Being drug-free is a personal decision that positively impacts individuals, families and communities. Show us how being drug-free represents you! Using an area of prevention that is important to you, illustrate what drug-free means to you and your identity.


Participate in Our Contest

We are holding a contest to encourage participation in the Red Ribbon Week 2021 campaign! Anyone living in Georgia can enter the contest. Entries may be submitted from both individuals and groups, and there are no limits on the number of entries that can be submitted!

There are three ways to enter the contest:

  1. Photo (which can include text such as a poem or description to accompany the photo) – Feel free to use our sign in your photo!
  2. Writing piece up to 500 words using the following prompts:
      • I am a __________ (choose however you identify: age, race, ethnicity, hobbies, interests, etc.) and drug-free looks like me…
      • I live a drug-free life because…
      • Being drug-free allows me to…
  3. Visual art piece (including a drawing, digital piece or video up to 3 minutes long)

Once you choose your preferred method of expression from the categories above, tell us your vision and send it to us via the entry form below (photos can be taken of the visual art piece).

Entries should be submitted by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Our independent panel of judges will choose three winners from each category. Winners will be contacted via email by Friday, October 22, 2021. Our winners will be announced and featured on social media (@guidegti) during Red Ribbon Week.

*In order to participate, a release form must be submitted at the time of contest entry. Click here to download our release form!


Contest Prizes

The three winners chosen from each category will earn Amazon gift cards totaling $75 (3rd place), $100 (2nd place) and $250 (1st place).


Red Ribbon Week Project Ideas

Now is the time to begin planning your Youth Action Team’s or other youth-serving group’s Red Ribbon Week project! Looking for more resources? Here is a great list of prevention project ideas: Red Ribbon Week Roundup: Project Ideas to Celebrate Being Drug Free.

If you have any questions about Red Ribbon Week or GUIDE’s 2021 campaign, please feel free to contact Michael Davis at



Learn More About the National Red Ribbon Week Campaign

According to the National Family Partnership, the sponsor of the National Red Ribbon Campaign, “the Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation, reaching millions of young people during Red Ribbon Week… It is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs… The Red Ribbon serves as a catalyst to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.”

Learn about the 2021 National Red Ribbon Week theme, get resources and activity ideas and read all about how you can get involved at

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