Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation: A Valuable Partnership

Did you know that GUIDE was created by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education thirty years ago? In celebration of GUIDE’s 30th year anniversary, we have developed a Gwinnett County blog series, which highlights our numerous partnerships and collaborations.

July is Park and Recreation month! What better way to highlight our collaboration with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation than on this special occasion?

We have worked closely with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation from the beginning, but our partnership has expanded over the past several years when it comes to our substance abuse prevention strategies and training programs. One of the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation’s initiatives, Live Healthy Gwinnett, has played a major role in this growth.IMG_5308 (1)

Teens in Leadership (TILT) is one of the collaborative programs we have partnered on with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation, which helps create sustainable community leaders through various team building and leadership activities.

As a part of our commitment to building youth voice in the county, we have supported the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation’s Youth Action Team, H.O.O.K.E.D. (Helping Others Organize Kreative Everyday Differences), for the past 13 years. We have provided resources and assistance in order for them to conduct countless activities and projects around Gwinnett to prevent underage drinking and other substance abuse as well as other service type projects to keep the community healthy and safe.

We also provide many different types of training for the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation day camp staff and others as needed, and they have allowed us to host various trainings at their many parks around the county.

Over the past several years, we have partnered on three Youth IMG_0179Expos and an Afterschool Snack event to provide those working with youth resources for best practices regarding positive youth development.

In regards to our substance abuse prevention programing, we have worked with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation on various strategies under our Alcohol Prevention Project that aims to reduce access to underage drinking and binge drinking among 19-20 year olds in Gwinnett County. The collaborative initiatives have included leading Walk the Talks on underage drinking facts, exhibiting at park events and distributing prevention materials, displaying the Adult Positive Social Norms banners and Parents Who Host Lose the Most yard signs and sharing our PSA about the impact alcohol has on athletes with all the youth associations in Gwinnett County. We have also collaborated with them to display our Inspired to Make Healthy Choices monthly newsletter in all the parks.SHPAB

Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation staff also sit on our GUIDE Board and have been heavily involved in our initiatives and programs.

Sharing goals of creating a healthier and safer community with our partners has allowed us to expand our reach while supporting each other’s projects. The partnership we share with Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation is valuable, and we are beyond grateful for the support and commitment of the staff who are always looking for ways to expand our reach and capacity.


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